5 Tips for the Perfect Family Photo

family of parents with one child walking outside in the fall foliage taking the perfect family photo

‘Tis the season for holiday greeting cards. However, capturing the perfect family photo to share with your friends and loved ones can be a difficult undertaking. Between coordinating schedules, choosing a theme, and making willing participants of your family members, getting the perfect shot might seem like an uphill battle. Our team at Michael Giovannini DDS, Inc., wants to share our five favorite tips for your family’s next photo shoot.

1. Prep Your Smile

At your photo shoot, you should be showing off your healthy pearly whites, not covering them up. Our office offers a variety of professional teeth whitening services that can be customized to your schedule and your lifestyle. To learn more about how you can get that bright white smile you’ve always dreamed about, schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Giovannini.

2. Eat a Snack Beforehand

Nothing puts a damper on the mood like hungry stomachs. Prepare a healthy snack for your family, like an apple or some nuts, before your photo shoot to ensure that there’s no complaining!

3. Complement Yourselves

Dress your family in complementary colors. You don’t want to be too “matchy-matchy,” but make sure everyone’s outfits coordinate. You’ll have continuity while still allowing family members to express their individuality.

4. Choose a Fun Location

You can add a little bit of character to your family photos by choosing a unique location. Some of our favorite backdrops include old barns and brick walls, but talk to your photographer about any unusual or creative ideas.

5. Relax!

Don’t be afraid to let loose during your photo shoot! Encourage all members of your family to be involved and to come up with ideas. You may have the best-laid plans, but our favorite photos are often candid.

Before you schedule your next family photo shoot, bring everyone into our office for their regular cleanings and exams. We’ll have the whole family healthy and confident in showing off their big, bright smiles. To schedule your next appointment or to ask our friendly team any questions, give us a call!