Establishing a Back-to-School Dental Routine

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Returning back to school is a great time to establish new routines and habits for your kids. Whether it’s packing their lunches the night before so there’s less confusion in the morning rush, to setting aside dedicated time for homework right after school, a good routine can make things less hectic. With all of the new school supplies, class schedules, and other details to manage, make sure you don’t forget about your kid’s teeth! Dr. Giovannini and our team have come up with the following four tips to help your family create a superb back-to-school dental routine.

1. Explain the Importance of Dental Care

Many of us are more likely to do something if we understand why we’re being asked to do it – and kids are no exception! Make sure your children understand that good preventive care can help reduce or eliminate dental conditions like cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease.

2. Carve Out Time

It’s easier to stick to a routine if you have dedicated time for it. Make sure your children set aside two minutes for tooth brushing before they rush to the bus or before they go to bed at night.

3. Create a Rewards System

Whether you reward your children for brushing their teeth with a special outing, stickers, ten more minutes of TV, or with a different incentive, offering a little extra encouragement for your kids to brush their teeth may make things run more smoothly.

4. Schedule Their Appointments Now

Once the school year starts, activities begin to pile up and scheduling for your family can quickly turn into a nightmare. We recommend scheduling your kid’s regular dental checkups in advance. We even offer convenient family block appointments that allow the entire family to get the dental care they need in just one trip.

Ask our team additional questions about caring for your child’s teeth & schedule their next checkup!

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