Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

young woman sitting on couch smiling

Are you unhappy with the shape and color of your teeth? You’re in luck! Dr. Giovannini specializes in cosmetic dental care – specifically porcelain veneers – to give you the smile of your dreams.

What Exactly Are Veneers?

A porcelain veneer is a wafer-thin material that is bonded onto an individual tooth to improve its appearance. The casings for your teeth are custom made for each tooth that needs shaping or whitening. Porcelain is an incredibly durable material that will last for 7 to 15 years, is tolerated well by the gum tissue, and resists stains. Not only do veneers give you a Hollywood smile, but they also feel and look natural.

What Can Veneers Be Used For?

Veneers can solve a variety of cosmetic issues such as closing a gap between your teeth, repairing cracks or chips, hiding worn enamel, straightening and reshaping uneven teeth, covering discolored or stained teeth, and even protecting damaged teeth from sensitivity. Porcelain veneers are a more conservative approach to altering your smile than crowns, which require extensive shaping of the teeth prior to the procedure.

Do They Need Special Care?

Porcelain veneers require no special care once we’ve bonded them to your teeth. You simply brush and floss in the same way you did prior to the procedure. Immediately after getting the veneer, you may want to avoid hard foods or anything that might stain the veneers like red wine, but after a few days, you’ll be good to go!

Great! What Are the Next Steps?

Once you and Dr. Giovanni have determined that porcelain veneers are the right treatment option for you, you will come in for an appointment where Dr. Giovanni will take a model of your teeth after shaving off half a millimeter of your enamel to make room for the veneer. Dr. Giovanni will send the model off to a dental lab that will construct the porcelain veneers specifically for you. Then, Dr. Giovanni will examine every individual veneer to make sure it fits properly and the color is right. Once any adjustments are made, he’ll bond the veneers with a special cement. It’s as simple as that!

Because veneers are a permanent procedure, you’ll want to make an appointment with us to discuss treatment options and your cosmetic goals. Call or schedule an appointment online today!