What Is the Best Dental Floss?

open container dental floss tape

The dental aisle at the store is lined with different brushes, pastes, and even flosses. Now there are even high-tech water flossers on the market. But how do you know which is the best dental floss? We’ve taken a closer look at what’s out there so you don’t have to!

Traditional String Floss

When you think of dental floss, this is likely what you think of. This type usually comes in a small plastic container with a built-in cutter. There are also smaller metal containers out there. You can get this variety in waxed and unwaxed, mint and unflavored, tape or string, and other choices. The great thing about traditional dental floss is that is it’s to toss into your gym bag, purse, or luggage, so there’s no excuse to not floss wherever you are.

The varieties also make it great for some of the common issues we see. If you have larger spaces between your teeth, the dental tape is great because it’s wider and spans the gap better. If your teeth are more tightly packed, the waxed varieties slip in between the teeth easier, making flossing less problematic.

Floss Picks

Patients who find themselves a bit averse to flossing, or who just plain forget, love the convenience of floss picks. They’re ready to go, just so grab one out of the bag, floss, and toss. You can pack them anywhere, so again, there’s no excuse not to include this in your oral hygiene routine.

Water Flossers

While they’re more expensive than buying a pack of dental floss, water flossers are becoming more popular. The best-known ones are made by Waterpik®. They claim to be easier, faster, and more effective than traditional floss. According to Waterpik, in only about a minute a day, you can remove food particles and plaque from areas that your toothbrush and regular floss just can’t get to. The downsides are obvious: the price, the space requirements, and the lack of portability. But you may be willing to sacrifice these conveniences for what you feel is a better clean.

The Verdict

In the end, the best dental floss is the floss you use regularly. Whether that’s string floss, picks, or a water flosser, find what works best in your dental hygiene routine and stick with it. If you need help with your flossing technique, or if you want more tips on picking out the right floss for you, call our office. Dr. Giovannini and our team are happy to help and give you tips. We can also answer any questions at your next cleaning appointment. Schedule online or call today.