Category: Cavity Prevention

Are you cavity prone? Find tips and tricks on cavity prevention on our dental blog. Dentist Michael Giovannini highlights ways to protect your smile!

Cavity vs. Stain: Everything You Should Know

woman looks at x-rays with the dentist to identify cavities or stains on teeth

At first glance, it’s hard to know if a dark spot is a cavity or a stain. By understanding their differences, you can take appropriate action and seek the right treatment! Read our blog post for everything you should know.

Electric vs. Regular Toothbrushes

electric and regular toothbrushes lying side by side

You spend at least four minutes with your toothbrush every single day, maybe more! All told, the time you spend with your toothbrush has an important impact on your oral health, and your health as a whole. Check out our blog post where we look at electric vs. regular toothbrushes.

Why Is Sugar Bad for Teeth?

Read our blog post to discover the reason why sugar can lead to enamel damage. Our expert team would be thrilled to give you tips to promote healthy teeth! Contact us to schedule your next dental cleaning and exam with Dr. Giovannini.