Category: Dental Tips

Dealing with Dental Anxiety

We understand that many of our patients may feel apprehensive about visiting the dentist. With this is mind, we’ve designed our office to be as comfortable as possible and our team is well-trained in treating folks with dental anxiety. Read our blog post for some of our best tips for managing dental anxiety to ensure you get the quality dental care you deserve.

Five Tips for Beating Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common condition that can occur at the least convenient times. While we all have bad breath occasionally, there are many things you can do both to prevent bad breath and to freshen your breath on the go. Read our blog for a list of our top five tips for beating bad breath.

The Best Ways to Comfort a Child with Tooth Pain

No parent wants to see their child in pain. Read our blog post for a list of some of the best ways you can comfort a child with tooth pain. Contact us if your child has a toothache!

What Are Dry Sockets?

If you need a tooth extraction, you might be thinking that it sounds ominous. Read our blog post for details on avoiding and treating dry sockets after oral surgery. Contact us if you have additional questions about dry sockets.

Establishing a Back-to-School Dental Routine

Back-to-school is a great time to establish new routines and habits to ensure healthy teeth for your entire family. Read our blog post for tips on creating a successful dental routine for your young scholars, then schedule your child’s back-to-school checkup!