Cosmetic Changes for a More Confident Smile

Confidence…a state of being in which we fully trust ourselves and believe in our abilities. Confidence is a self-assuredness that makes us feel powerful, capable, and ready to take on anything. But what happens when you feel ashamed and embarrassed about your own smile? cosmeticdentistry

Boost your confidence with a new smile. Whether it’s teeth whitening, straighter teeth, replacing missing teeth, or changing the shape of your teeth, cosmetic dentistry will boost your confidence like never before. Research even shows that whiter teeth can lead to greater success in work and in love.

Cosmetic Dental Solutions

A bright, healthy smile will show the world that you care about your appearance and your oral health. Self consciousness about your teeth will extinguish your confidence. With cosmetic dentistry, you will dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth and you will want to smile widely again! With a beautiful smile, you will feel good about yourself and the people you meet.

Close gaps or reshape uneven teeth with dental veneers. You can also hide cracks, chips, or even protect sensitive teeth with enamel damage with dental veneers. You’ll be amazed at the difference in your teeth with Dr. Giovannini’s whitening options. Try our custom trays, KöR Deep Bleaching, one-size trays, or one-visit whitening. Restore your smile with beautiful dental implants, the next-best-thing to your natural teeth.

Our favorite confidence-building dental solutions include:

  • Dental Veneers
  • Dental Implants
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Haliotosis Treatment
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings

Situations Where a Bright Smile Improves Your Confidence

One study showed that a person’s personal appearance is an indication of their professional success, financial success, and even their trustworthiness. Imagine going on a job interview and being able to smile confidently and broadly. Think of how your life will be improved when you get to meet new people without feeling like you have to hide your teeth behind your hand when you laugh. Picture going on a date with someone new and knowing that you don’t have to worry about what they will think about your teeth. An improved and restored smile with cosmetic dentistry won’t just change the way you feel, it will change your life.

For a better smile, and an improved life, consider our options for cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Giovannini uses the latest technology to ensure patients receive the highest quality dental care. Let us create a new look for you with cosmetic dentistry.

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