What Are Dental Crowns Used For?

man in the dental chair waiting for a dental crown

Dental crowns may sound a little fancy and seem like a special adornment for your teeth—but that’s not necessarily their deal. For starters, they’re a quite common dental treatment used to fix a variety of different issues. And while they may be something you can put on your teeth to make them look better, they’re definitely more of a health solution rather than a fun accessory.

To clear up any confusion about these kinds of crowns, here’s a quick overview of what dental crowns can be used for:

To Support a Weak Tooth

Permanent teeth are meant to last us a lifetime—but they still can suffer some serious wear and tear over the years. There are a few different things that can leave you with a weakened tooth. For example, you may have severe decay or you may have a large filling that leaves an insufficient amount of natural tooth left. Using a dental crown, we can provide that tooth with the strength it needs.

To Fix a Cracked or Broken Tooth

Accidents happen. It could be anything from a sports injury to biting down on something too hard like an almond. Sometimes, that can cause your tooth to crack or break. How bad your tooth is cracked or broken will determine your treatment, but many times, a dental crown can help restore that damaged tooth to lessen the chance of pain, infection, and sensitivity.

To Secure a Dental Bridge or Implant

Dental crowns aren’t just handy on their own. They’re also often used alongside other tooth-replacement options. For example, if you get a dental bridge to replace a missing tooth, that bridge is secured in place with dental crowns attached to the teeth on either side of the gap. If you’re getting a single dental implant, a dental crown is used to top the actual screw-like implant to give it a natural appearance and its necessary function.

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