Dental Veneers: A Brief History

Dental Veneer

The Beginnings of a Staple in Dental History

Dental veneers started as a prop adjustment for the celebrities that acted in Hollywood films. The actors and actresses would often be fitted for dental veneers if they didn’t have the best of dental routines. This was most likely due to a poor dental routine, heavy alcohol consumption or smoking; or a combination of all three. This method of transforming an actor’s teeth clawed to be more presentable and pushed the standards of beauty when most individuals were not aware that such dental technology existed. These beauty standards are similar to that of plastic surgery in our modern day. So who knows? Maybe one day, we’ll be looking back at certain plastic surgery that the modern-day celebrities have gone under the knife for and say: “How useful!”

Dental Veneers in Mainstream Culture

Once dental veneers became more affordable and somewhat mainstream in society, they were a hit! People who had not taken care of their teeth previously could not do much about the situation, but now they had options! These options are all thanks to a Hollywood dentist in the 1930s. The veneers of that time were only intended to be worn during a filming of a film or a press appearance. It wasn’t until 1982 that dental veneers were enhanced to the point that they could be worn for the extended, usually permanent, periods of time that they are worn for in today’s day and age.

The Material of Choice: Porcelain

Porcelain resembles the material of teeth the best. This is the reasoning behind choosing porcelain over other materials. The shiny material resembles the luster of actual teeth and results in a very natural look. The porcelain shells cover imperfections and help to mask cracks and chips. This results in beautiful teeth that will have people saying: “Wow!”

The Process of Developing Your Dental Veneers

With your first appointment, your dentist will have your teeth properly prepared to have the veneers implemented onto your existing teeth. Then, dental impressions will be made and the ceramist will then cast the dental impressions into the final product know as the veneers. When your veneers have returned from the ceramist, your dentist will properly adjust and manipulate the veneers in order have the best fit possible. After the adjustment has been made, the dentist will then permanently bond the veneers to your teeth. After all is said and done, you will have a brand new, beautiful smile that will surely impress you and others alike!