Benefits of a Family Dentist

Dentist and dental hygienist standing behind a dental chair in a treatment room.

At Michael Giovannini DDS, Inc, we work hard to provide quality dental care for your whole family that easily fits into your busy lives. We believe that choosing a family dentist is an important step in caring for your own and your children’s health and establishing good habits that will serve everyone their whole life. From toddlers to seniors, we love to treat multi-generational families!

1. Track Development

As your children grow and develop, so do their teeth. Dr. Giovannini can track their growth and help your kids avoid serious dental issues as they grow.

2. Convenience

We know that our patients lead busy, full lives, and we do our best to make your visits to our office as convenient as possible! We offer family block appointments that let you bring in the whole family for their cleanings and exams, cutting down on the trips you have to make. Even better, our office offers a variety of amenities from TVs to WiFi to comfortable pillows and blankets that will make everyone in your family feel at home.

3. Establish Good Habits Early

Parents play a huge role in teaching their children about the importance of their dental health. By regularly seeing a family dentist and scheduling your appointments alongside your kids, you’re instilling great preventive care habits that will help them have healthy teeth for years to come.

4. Hereditary Problems

Many dental conditions, such as gum disease and tooth decay, can run in the family. However, when Dr. Giovannini treats the whole family, he can provide special care and attention to any potentially inherited dental issues. In the case of gum disease, for example, early detection and treatment can limit and even reverse the condition.

We are happy to serve as your family dentist in the Palmdale area! We love watching our younger patients grow up with beautiful smiles and healthy mouths. Schedule appointments for your whole family by submitting our convenient online contact form or giving us a call.