Habits That Wreck Your Teeth

Your teeth are one-of-a-kind. Once your permanent set grows in, that’s the only natural smile you get. And if you chip, break, or lose a tooth, or if you experience decay, that tooth won’t grow back. In this blog post, we’ll cover some common habits that may be putting your teeth in jeopardy.

Chewing on Ice Cubes

When you get to the bottom of your drink, resist the urge to chomp on the ice cubes that remain. Teeth are strong, though not as strong as you may think. Ice cubes are fully capable of breaking a tooth or a filling.

Teeth As Tools

Never use your teeth to open a bag, unscrew a bottle cap, or anything at all of that nature. You run the risk of damaging your teeth and causing substantial pain in doing so.

woman biting her nails animation

Nail Biting

Nail biting is a habit worth breaking, and not just because it leaves your nails looking unsightly. Chewing away on your nails is tough on your teeth, and can result in a chip. Not only is it bad for your teeth, the pressure nail biting puts on the jaw has been known to cause dysfunction. Try breaking this habit by purchasing bitter-tasting nail polish, specially formulated to reduce nail biting, or keep a stress ball on hand to busy your fingers.

Grinding & Clenching

This last nasty habit can be one of the hardest to break, because many people don’t realize they are doing it. Often times, we grind because of stress and anxiety, some of us even do it in our sleep. It can cause damage to the teeth, as well as jaw pain and headaches. Talk to your doctor or dentist for strategies to stop grinding your teeth for good.

Dental Care at Michael Giovannini, DDS

Enough about bad habits, here’s a good one: keeping up with your biannual visits to the dentist. Come into our office twice every year for a cleaning and exam, and we’ll be able to help you have teeth that are healthy and beautiful.

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