Oral Piercings & Your Health

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While many consider them a form of self-expression, oral piercings can have very real negative effects on your oral health. Not only can a piercing interfere with talking, chewing, and swallowing, but it may also lead to the following:

Infection & Swelling

As weird as it may sound, the mouth is a moist environment that contains millions of bacteria. By inserting a foreign object, such as a piercing, the tongue can swell and develop an infection. These infections can become so severe as to even block airways and become life-threatening. If you suspect you are developing an infection due to a piercing, contact Dr. Giovannini for an emergency appointment.

Nerve, Teeth, & Gum Damage

Oral piercings may result in nerve, teeth, and gum damage. Nerve damage resulting in a numb tongue is usually temporary; however, in some cases, it can become permanent. Having this nerve damage may affect how you move your mouth and may change your sense of taste. Piercings can also damage fillings and the gums, and they can even crack teeth if you bite down hard enough on the piercing. Dr. Giovannini can help recommend the best course of treatment for any damage caused by oral piercings.

See the Dentist First

Getting an oral piercing is a big decision because of its effect on how your mouth functions as well as your oral health. If you are seriously considering this form of self-expression, it’s best to schedule an appointment with Dr. Giovannini first. He’ll provide a complete examination of your oral health before you get the the piercing in order to identify any existing or potential dental problems.

If you have just had an oral piercing, be sure to still visit us to maintain good oral hygiene with regular cleanings and exams. Let the team at Michael Giovannini DDS make sure your smile stays healthy and bright, piercing or no piercing!

Dr. Giovannini is here to ensure you maintain great oral health!

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