What Dental Fads Should I Avoid?

Read our blog post to discover the dangers of dental fads. We explain why you should avoid wearing grills, tooth gems, and oral piercings. We also recommend traditional oral care and professional teeth whitening instead of using activated charcoal, hydrogen peroxide, and oil pulling. Contact us for more information!

Emergency Medical Services for Children Day

Every year, the American College of Emergency Physicians holds a National Emergency Services Week. Read our blog to learn why Wednesday’s EMS Services for Children Day is important to our dental practice. We also explain the benefits of choosing us to be your family’s dentist. Contact us to schedule appointments for your entire family!

Could Poor Oral Health Be Causing My Acne?

A poor dental hygiene routine can negatively affect your skin. Read our blog to discover how your oral health might be causing your acne. We want to help you have a healthy mouth and healthy skin! Contact our dental office with your oral care questions and to schedule your appointment.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Dental X-rays allow dentists to scan for problems that may be difficult to detect in plain sight. Read our blog post to learn about how they’re a necessary tool and with standard precautions and protocol, they are completely safe. If you want to learn more about dental X-rays or you have any oral health questions, please contact our office today!

Benefits of a Family Dentist

When looking for a dentist, many families prefer to see a family dentist, someone who sees patients of all ages. Read our blog post to learn about the many benefits of seeing a family dentist, including their convenience and their ability to track dental health over the years. Call our office to schedule with our family dentist today.