Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is Better Than Over-the-Counter Whitening

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You can find numerous teeth whitening products over the counter, from gels to liquids to strips. They range in price from less than $20 to ones that are close to $100. While it sounds appealing to save money by choosing these products, there are a number of reasons why you should choose to have a professional teeth whitening provided by Michael Giovannini DDS, Inc., serving Palmdale, CA and the nearby region.

Comparison of Active Ingredients

Both at-home whitening systems and in-office whiteners use the same active ingredients, either carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. The carbamide breaks down to hydrogen peroxide.

Despite using the same ingredients, they’re not given at the same amount. A whitening agent found in stores has a bleaching agent that’s between three to 20 percent of the active ingredient. Typically, these only whiten your teeth by two to eight shades lighter.

On the other hand, an in-office bleaching product consists of 15 to 43 percent of the whitening agent. Our dentist offers a whitening solution that may lighten the shade of your teeth by 16 shades.


First and foremost, if you bleach your teeth too frequently or use too much of the solution, it can cause tooth sensitivity. A dentist only uses a safe amount and won’t perform the procedure on you too frequently, which minimizes the risk of tooth sensitivity.

In addition, a dentist uses a dam on your gums to protect them from the dangers of bleach. When you do it yourself, you risk irritating your gum tissue.

Longer-Lasting, Sooner Results

Since the solution is more potent, in-office whiteners usually last much longer than an at-home bleaching. Plus, you notice results sooner and with fewer applications.

Customized to You

Everybody’s teeth are different. When you use a whitening tray from an at-home kit, it’s not customized to your mouth. Since it doesn’t fit 100-percent correctly, all of your teeth may not get whitened.

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