Teeth-Friendly Snacks for School

blue lunchbox full of teeth-friendly snacks for school

It’s getting to be that time of year! Going back to school means fresh notebooks, new classrooms, and, of course, snacks. But what kinds of snacks should you be putting into your child’s lunchbox?

First, let’s discuss the kinds of foods you should keep away from your kids.


Everyone knows that candy is bad for your teeth. Whether hard or chewy, the sugar and acid in candy can really wear away at your child’s enamel and cause – you guessed it – cavities. They can also break or crack your child’s teeth and get stuck between them, leading to plaque buildup.

Carbonated Drinks

Even if it’s a diet soda, carbonated drinks are incredibly acidic. This acid can weaken your child’s tooth enamel while also drying out their mouth and reducing saliva. Saliva is an important resource for combatting bacteria in your mouth. Dark-colored sodas can also discolor or stain your child’s teeth.

Potato Chips & Popcorn

Everyone loves potato chips and popcorn, especially kids, but you really should think twice before you put them in your child’s lunchbox. When tiny chip and popcorn particles get stuck between your teeth, they feed the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Chips and popcorn are also the kinds of carbs that make your child keep snacking instead of filling them up. This continued snacking causes acid production to linger for longer.

So now we know what not to put in your child’s lunchbox. But what kinds of foods should you give them?


Low in sugar and high in calcium and protein, almonds are a great snack for your child to munch on.


Full of fiber and vitamin A, raw carrots can also help increase saliva production in your child’s mouth. This reduces the risk of cavities by fighting off bacteria and rinsing away food particles.


Though you may worry that apples are too filled with sugar, they are also high in fiber and water. Like with carrots, eating apples helps produce saliva, while the fibrous texture stimulates the gums.


Though it can be high in fat in large quantities, cheese contains proteins like casein that act as a buffer against bacteria and acids that can cause tooth decay.


Like cheese, yogurt is high in calcium and protein. It also has probiotics, or good bacteria, that help protect your child’s gums. Make sure you choose a yogurt that is low in sugar, though!

At Michael P. Giovannini DDS Family Dental, we’re dedicated to helping you make sure your children have healthy smiles. The best defense is always a clean mouth, so be sure to make an appointment with us for regular cleanings for your child!