What to Expect After Dental Implant Surgery

man laying down ice pack on face

Dental implant surgery is a straightforward procedure but there are certain things you need to expect following your surgery.

The Day of Surgery

The first hour after surgery may be the hardest because you’ll need to bite down firmly yet gently on gauze packs that are meant to reduce bleeding. It’s important that you keep these gauze packs in place. Do not remove the first set of gauze packs for at least an hour unless your bleeding is not under control. After the first hour, replace the gauze packs as necessary (typically every 30 to 45 minutes).

The day of the surgery, it is very important to not disturb the surgical area, and this means no vigorous swishing of liquids in your mouth. Do not smoke, and do not probe the surgical area with any object during this time. It’s especially important that you keep your mouth clean throughout the healing process.

Why You Need to Take It Easy

You should be on bed rest the first day after surgery, and do not do any strenuous activity or exercise that increases blood flow. In reality, you should avoid any exercise for the first three to four days.

You should expect some bleeding after surgery, and you may even ooze blood for a full one to two days after surgery, so it’s important to keep gauze packs regularly. However, if your bleeding is severe, use ice packs and gauze, stay in an upright position or on a recliner, and don’t do any physical activity. If persistent, severe bleeding continues, call our office.

How to Keep Swelling Down

Swelling is completely normal after any surgery, and you may not feel normal again until about two to three days post-op. You can minimize swelling with ice packs held firmly against your cheek. You can also fill freezer bags full of crushed ice, but make sure to wrap the bag in a towel to keep the ice from being too difficult to keep on your face.

After dental implant surgery, we will give you detailed instructions for at-home care, but if you need us, don’t hesitate to call our office right away! Once the site has healed, we’ll have you back in for the restoration phase of the implant process.