Dental Implants in Palmdale, CA

There are different factors that could result in tooth loss, from inadequate dental care, trauma from contact sports, and even poor nutrition. If this happens to you, you don’t have to deal with that space in your smile for the rest of your life. Our dental practice offers missing teeth solutions, including dental implant restorations.

What Is Implant Dentistry?

Implant dentistry is a form of treatment where an artificial tooth root is placed where you are missing a tooth. This artificial root is the actual dental implant, and it looks similar to a small post. After the dental implant surgery, we’ll top the post with a custom-designed restoration, oftentimes a dental crown. The restoration is what gives it the appearance of a natural tooth.

Why Are Dental Implants a Popular Alternative to Dentures?

dental implant

One of the biggest reasons patients prefer tooth implants over dentures or bridges is because they are secured in position. They are anchored to the jawbone, just like your other teeth, so they won’t shift or slip around. Instead of having to take them in and out to clean, you can look after them like your other teeth with regular brushing and flossing. Because they are stable, patients find that chewing and speaking also feel more natural.

Another additional benefit of dental implants compared to removable prostheses is that they help with your overall oral health. Since the dental implant fuses with the bone, it prevents the bone loss than can occur when a tooth root is missing. Your surrounding teeth also won’t have to be altered to support a bridge.

Affordable Dental Implants

Your health and your smile are priceless, so we do what we can to offer affordable dental implants to our patients. Our office accepts most major PPOs, and we offer special cash and senior discounts. If you are worried about the cost of dental implants but need to replace missing teeth, please reach out to a member of our team so we can go over your financial and treatment options with you. You deserve to get back to a confident, full smile!

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