Kids’ Dental Care in Palmdale, CA

Our office is proud to accept patients of all ages, including children. We recognize how important it is to implement good dental habits from a young age. With regular dental visits and a thorough at-home oral care routine, your child should have everything they need to grow up to be a dental-health conscious adult. To learn more about our kid-friendly care or schedule your child’s next appointment, please get in touch with our front office.

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When should I start bringing my child to the dentist?

Kids should ideally have their first dental visit when they turn one or when their first tooth grows in, whichever happens first. If your child has passed either of these milestones and hasn’t been to a dentist, don’t worry! Our team will be happy to see them for their very first appointment. After the first visit, kids should visit the dentist just as often as adults, or twice per year.

What services do kids need?

Each child’s treatment plan is different, as our office creates custom treatment plans for every patient. Kids should see us biannually for routine cleanings and exams, and we also recommend that they receive occasional fluoride treatments to keep their teeth healthy and strong. If they don’t have sealants, we can apply those as well to keep their molars protected from decay.

How do I help my child maintain good oral health habits?

The key to making routine habits like brushing and flossing stick with kids is by making them fun. For example, putting on a silly song and having a dance party while brushing can make it a more enjoyable activity for everyone. It can also help to use a sticker chart to keep track of their oral care, and once it is full of stickers, they get a small prize. Our team can talk to your child about the importance of dentistry as well.

What if my child struggles with dental anxiety?

It’s perfectly normal for kids to be nervous at the dentist, which is why we like to take our time with each of our young patients to help them feel as comfortable as possible. We can go over each procedure with them and explain what they can expect in a kid-friendly way. If your child has more serious dental anxiety or has trouble sitting still, we also offer dental sedation, which can help them relax and stay still in the dental chair.