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While teeth are meant to last a lifetime, impact from sports or teeth grinding can result in dental injury or trauma. At Michael Giovannini DDS, we offer custom mouthguards to protect teeth during sports or from other dental-related injuries. Contact our office to learn more about our custom mouthguards, or schedule your appointment to create a custom mouthguard with the help of our skilled team!

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When should I wear a mouthguard?

Mouthguards can help cushion impact to the face, minimizing the risk of injury to the teeth, lips, tongue, or jaw. If you participate in an organized sport or high-impact activities, a mouthguard for sports can be an essential piece of gear when it comes to protecting your smile. While a mouthguard for sports is common, a mouthguard can be helpful in other situations where your teeth or mouth may need extra protection.

Can mouthguards treat TMJ?

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If you’re guilty of teeth grinding or have been diagnosed with TMJ, a mouthguard can help protect teeth from the impact and ease the pain. In the case of TMJ, a mouthguard can reduce TMJ symptoms as mouthguards can make grinding and clenching teeth difficult. The mouthguard acts as a cushion to relieve pressure placed on the TMJ.

How often should I change my mouthguard?

Since mouthguards protect teeth from teeth grinding or impact, they can wear down over time. When a mouthguard loses its thickness, it can become less effective in protecting the teeth. If you use a mouthguard for sports, teeth grinding, or treating TMJ, practice bringing your mouthguard with you to each dental appointment so our team can take a look at it. If the condition of your mouthguard needs to be changed or replaced, we can work with you to get started on a custom mouthguard!

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